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Delusion of Passion

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My high school guidance counselor asked me, “What are you passionate about?” At that time, I loved art. He helped me fashioned the next 40 years of my life around a teenage hobby. You can guess how well that ended. It was my first lesson in the folly of following my “passions.”

I hear a lot from budding entrepreneurs that they’re trying to "find their passion" to help figure out what type of business fits them best. It’s one of the fastest ways to fail and here’s why.:

Passion Is Fleeting

Passion, like all emotions, is fleeting. Your passions change constantly and even lifelong passions ebb and flow. Think about marriage; the passion you felt on your wedding day will have days, weeks, or months where it's gone. When asked how they survived 83 years of marriage, John Betar said, "We never fell out of love at the same time." If even your closest relationships goes through it, you should expect your relationship with your business to do the same. When passion becomes a grind, most people burn out.

Your Passion Isn't Business

True passions are rarely about business. If you asked what my passion is now, it’s my family and serving people. I love reading Green Eggs and Ham to my daughter, playing peek-a-boo with my son, and enjoying a date night with my husband. I enjoy seeing friends new and old make their dreams come true. Our businesses are a means to an end, and everything I do has to serve those goals.

Consumer and Owner Roles Are Different

Just because you love a product or service a business provides does not mean you will love the role of the owner in that business. We enjoy a well-known fast food restaurant. It sounds like a brilliant idea to open a franchise on the surface, because their chicken sandwiches are fantastic and my kids enjoy the play area. But the role of the owner is to be there 6 days a week, working side by side with the staff. I do not want to 60-70 hours a week in a fast food restaurant. I would resent it quickly when I only see my kids one day a week.

If success isn’t in following your passions, then how do you know what industry is right for you? It’s simple; do something that allows you to feed your passions, whatever they are at the moment. Find a franchise that leaves you the time and money to do what you love. Enjoy boating? Don’t buy a boat dealership and spend the best boating hours talking about it and pushing papers. Do something that provides enough money to buy your dream boat and gives you a couple days during the week to get on the water while everyone else is working. If you get tired of boating, it's no problem. Sell your boar and use your time and money to support your next passion.

The widget your franchise provides doesn’t matter. What matters is how it impacts your life. Focus on the outcome and how it fits your dreams and goals, and you will love what you do.

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Jessica Houston, Franchise Consultant

Electus Franchising

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Jessica Houston

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