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Be an Entrepreneur, Keep Your Day Job

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At every level in the economy, people have a side hustle. Maybe it’s a little extra cash dog sitting or driving, a network marketing business, or investing. Here’s another alternative that an take your side hustle to your main source of income: Semi-absentee franchise businesses.

What Is Semi-Absentee?

Semi-absentee franchises are business models designed for a franchisee to operate while having another career or full-time obligations. It typically offers a lot of flexibility and doesn’t require long hours.

This model works because the business is designed to be manager-run from day one as opposed to owner/operator models that require the owner to be full-time at the beginning and sometimes offer the option to bring on a manager later.  The semi-absentee model is often a multi-unit opportunity, allowing a franchisee to grow their franchise empire as well.

Who’s the Right Fit?

A semi-absentee franchise is a great way for you to start a business while maintaining your job or operate several businesses simultaneously. I love this model for people who are looking for a safety net for their corporate job or a transition from full-time employment without quitting cold turkey. I also recommend this model for moms transitioning back into the workforce after staying home with their children, because it’s one of the most flexible types of businesses.

If funding is a concern, lenders look more favorably upon applications that will have at least one income outside the business. It also provides a means to a steady income while the business scales. Whether the pan is to have it as retirement income to supplement investments or to leave the corporate world completely, you get to be in control of your income rather than your boss.

The First Step

If you’re thinking about how to position yourself for the future and want to know if franchising is an option, we can help. We can work together to see if a semi-absentee franchise is an option and if you’re a good fit for franchising. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything for our help. Our services are completely free for candidate

Call us for a FREE consultation at 720.805.0444 or jhouston@franchoice.com.

Jessica Houston, Franchise Consultant

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Jessica Houston

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